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Wind Turbines

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Why A Wind Turbine?

Wind power is a fantastic source of power as it will never run out, its clean & cheap to produce.


Onshore wind turbines are already significantly contributing to the UK's National Grid, providing enough annual energy to support over 7.25 millions homes.

Businesses all over the UK are installing wind turbines to help reduce their energy costs & reduce their carbon footprint.


CPSL Group are able to offer wind turbines in the range of 3.5kW – 250kW & can provide a full turn key package of supplying, installing &  provide a maintenance package for your turbine.

Wind turbines are deemed one of the most reliable sources of renewable energy in the UK due to the consistent wind speeds produced during both daytime & nighttime periods.

Considerations for a Wind Turbine

Unfortunately not everyone is located in an area where a turbine can be installed.​ Wind turbines require space & are not feasible in built up areas. Therefore if your business is situated close to domestic properties or other buildings, it would be highly unlikely to receive planning permission.

Wind Turbines can take up to 12 months in planning & will require multiple surveys to be carried out during the planning process.

 Most commercial-scale onshore wind turbine applications require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – which assess the potential visual impacts and changes to landscape and biodiversity that could result. The EIA can directly inform a decision to approve or reject a submitted application. Noise impacts are also considered, with a noise assessment completed to review potential noise compared to existing levels of background noise at a proposed site.

Elpower Inverter

The Elpower inverter, rated at 30kW, enables your turbine to run at full speed more consistently than previous inverter arrangements.

Existing inverter arrangements can result in some lost production when the turbine is sitting close to maximum speed and gusts push the output above inverter settings. However, the Elpower inverter will reduce this, making your turbine even more efficient.

Additionally, the ELpower inverter will provide improved remote monitoring which will greatly reduce the requirement for on-site visits.
The ELpower inverter is the best wind inverter on the market for their machines.  It has been in the 50,60, 75 and 100KW machines for the last 4 years and there  has not being a single inverter failure. We are 100% sure you will be satisfied with this inverter.
There is an annual GSM Charge. However if you are able to provide an internet connection with a good signal which we can utilise through a wireless module from the inverter system to your house then there will be no need for the GSM.

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