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Solar PV For New Homes

Contact us today to discuss a new build project & how we can save on your solar pv requirements.

CPSL Group provide specialist solar pv installation services for House Builders & Housing Associations. We provide customized systems, delivering cost efficient solutions, without compromising on quality. Working closely with you, we will ensure each project hits their energy requirements. 

Ensure Energy & Sustainability Requirements are met with Solar PV

When building sustainable, low carbon homes, solar PV has been widely acknowledged by architects, SAP assessors and energy specialists as the most cost-effective, reliable and easy to install renewable technology available.


To ensure new build developments fulfil their strict on-site energy targets and comply with the latest renewable energy requirements in Building Regulations, we encourage housebuilders across the UK to install solar PV panels to their new homes.

Benefits of solar pv for the New Homes


  • Reduce carbon emissions for your development

  • Improve your own company green credentials

  • Promote sustainable energy through business

Energy Efficient

  • Meet Renewable Energy Requirements

  • Improve the building EPC

  • Improve the building's energy efficiency

Savings for End User

  • Controlled energy costs for the homeowner as energy prices rise.

  • Homeowners will make savings on their energy bills

  • Provides a clean source of energy to the homeowner

How we work

Prior to the installation, our in-house design & technical team will work with the you to produce the most cost-efficient PV system for the project. 

CPSL Group can provide various styles of solar pv, including on-roof, in-roof & flat roof systems. Our highly experienced engineer team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth installation from start to finish. 

We provide the documentation required, as requested. We pride ourselves on our Health & Safety Policies & ensure our teams work to the highest standards.

Contact us today to discuss a project 

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