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Solar PV in construction

Contact us today to discuss a project & how we can save on your solar pv requirements.

Benefits of construction solar

CPSL Group are very familar working with M&E & Electrical Contractors for projects requiring solar pv.

With vast knowledge in the construction industry, we are able to utilise this experience to design, supply & install successful solar pv project.

The main legislative requirement surrounding renewable energy in the construction sector is PART L of the Building Regulations. This demands that all new build developments must generate a minimum of 10% of electricity demand on-site from renewable technology. Local authorities can also specify the inclusion of renewables such as solar PV as part of a new build project’s planning conditions.

Through our full service capabilities we will help to ensure your project fulfils all energy performance and CO2 targets, complies with local planning policies that specify the inclusion of renewable energy, and meets requirements for Building Regulations.

BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction, and operation. If your project is targeting a BREEAM certification, then integrating solar PV is vitally important and will increase your BREEAM score in many of the energy categories.


  • Following a site survey, we will produce a bespoke solar pv design for your premises​, providing the most efficient & cost effective solution.


  • Our highly experienced engineers will deliver a fast & professional installation.

  • Health & Safety is a priority during our operations.

  • An on-site manager will work closely with you, providing updates.

O & M

  • The system will be fully commissioned

  • Relevant documents will be provided in a handover pack

  • Dedicated aftercare team will be available.

To discuss a project, contact us today

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