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Service & Maintenance

turbine servicing

C&F Wind Turbine Service & Repairs


CPSL have a specialist division fully trained in the maintenance and repairs of your C&F wind turbine investment to ensure it always maximises performance and returns with the minimum of downtime.


Our factory trained technicians will provide a friendly, knowledgeable and reliable service for the life of your equipment.


Working closely with the factory in Galway, Ireland, CPSL are constantly updated on any problems recorded by the 24/7 365 day monitoring centre, thus providing fast reaction times and minimum lost production.


CPSL have recently been appointed distributors and installers for the fully approved Elpower range of wind inverters from Italy.


Designed to work hand in glove with C&F wind turbines across the range of products, these inverters allow maximum production due to over-spin from sudden increases in wind speed without causing overvoltage faults, restarts and inverter damage.


CPSL will be pleased to provide a quotation for the replacement of inverters to Elpower, often the increases in production returns contribute significantly to the capex cost.

Because of the close links with Galway and constant updating of information, CPSL have first-hand knowledge of all technical updates and mechanical improvements made to your particular model or series of turbine, thus ensuring when they turn up for service, the correct parts and equipment are on board the all-terrain vehicle used to access the machinery and undertake the safe and efficient service and repair works that may be required.

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