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Don't be caught in the cold

Most of us wake up during the winter months. Its dark and it's cold. Whether it be at home or work, we refuse to turn that heating on. Why? Because it costs a small fortune, that's why.

Heating up large country homes, barns for the farmer's livestock or just a large commercial building for your employees can be a financial nightmare. You could tell your staff to just wear another jumper and get on with it. But trust me, there are better optio

ns available, not only to provide a cheap source of heating for your premises; but to also receive payments for doing so!

Biomass Boilers are an effective way of providing cheap heat, hot water and potentially electricity (when combined with a Combined Heat & Power System (CHP).

Biomass fuel is cheap and there are plenty of alternatives available; pellets, woodchips, logs and any Grade A-C woodwaste you may have lying round.

So were do I receive payments for this? You ask!

The Government support people and companies producing their own heat and hot water through RHI payments. They are received normally on a quarterly basis, once the relevant information has been submitted from you. This results in fast payback times and a fantastic investment due to the fixed 20 year contract.

So stop suffering in the cold, consider a Biomass Boiler for your farm, country home or business and stay warm and receive additional revenue for doing so!

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