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Biomass...smarter than LPG?

There's a continuous debate in the energy world what the best alternative source of heat is, Biomass or LPG.

Now I may be bias as I'm all for renewable energy, improving companies green credentials whilst generating revenue, but that's just my humble opinion. However, lets look at the facts.

Biomass is Cheaper to Run!!

Biomass Boilers cost upto half as much as LPG Boilers to run and are upto 30% cheaper than boilers using heating oil.

Biomass Boilers and LPG Boilers do both run in a similar way, they both burn fuel to create heat. However, Biomass does this in a clean fashion, maintaining low emissions and are very easy to operate, enabling controllable heat for your business premises, farm, livestock or even home.

Fuel is cheap, woodchips can be bought in at very low costs or for larger systems, any grade A,B & C woodwaste can be burned to provide fuel for free!

You Get Paid For Biomass!!!

When investing into Biomass or any renewable energy for that matter, the Government rewards you with financial incentives. You are locked into a 20 year fixed contract, so therefore a guaranteed these payments for the full term of the contract. Too good to be true right? Wrong!

There will be a short payback period of the initial investment but this will soon be paid off. After this, you will be generating constant revenue for you or you business' future.

Finance Available!!

There is now finance available for renewable energy and in some cases, 0% finance can be offered, which may result in being cash positive from year 1! Please note, this is subject to approval.


The main areas in which we look at when investing demonstrate Biomass or any renewable energy option is a smart one. If you would like to discuss Biomass further or any renewable energy option, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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