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A green Farm is a happy Farm

When I use the term 'Green Farm', I am talking about two different aspects.

The first being an environmentally friendly farm, an eco-farm, a sustainable farm. However, the other kind of green farm is a profitable farm. Who doesn't want to be self sufficient whilst contributing to reducing the planets carbon footprint!

From my experience (being friends with many farmers myself), they are brought into the farming world by their fathers, mothers, grandparents and so on and so forth.

Farmer's undoubtedly are grafters. Working long manual hours, you cannot question their determination. Unfortunately however, they do not always get their rewards. This could be down to factors out of their control.

They may have a terrible period of weather, ruining crops to sell or for feeding their livestock.

Animals may get ill, passing through groups, resulting in the inability to sell them as 'organic' or even worse.

The reason I talk about these issues is because I believe farmers deserve rewards for their effort.

By incorporating renewable energy into their farm, whether it be solar, biomass or wind turbines, the farm will produce its own power, saving on high energy bills and generating additional revenue for the farm. From this, the farm will not solely rely on uncontrollable factors and if everything goes to plan on the farm, then fantastic, the farmer will receive revenue from their main objective and then additional from renewables. But, if the unfortunate becomes a reality, then at least there's a helping hand to relieve the pressure.

Written by Joshua Hough

CPSL Group

Please note: The views written are my own and do not represent CPSL Group as a company

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