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LED Lighting

Book a free, no-obligation lighting energy audit at your premises and find out how much you could save by switching to LED lighting.

The Benefits of LED Lighting

Energy efficiency

  • Up to 80% more efficient than conventional lights

  • Meet current environmental legislation

  • ESOS compliant

  • Improved light quality & ambience

  • No heat emitted

  • Up to 80% reduced energy consumption

  • Reduced carbon emissions


  • Reduce energy costs by up to 80%

  • Fast payback period

  • Reduced maintenance & replacement costs

  • Finance options available


  • Up to 50,000 hour lifespan

  • Lasts up to six times longer than conventional lighting

Lighting accounts for up to 40% of the electricity used in commercial buildings, and can rise to as high as 70% in certain situations. By removing up to 80% of this cost through the installation of energy efficient LED lighting would be highly beneficial for a business with intensive lighting demands, and who are looking to improve their building’s energy efficiency.


We can design and install bespoke high quality systems to suit a wide range of industry sectors, offering client-specific solutions that can be energy efficient and cost effective for your organisation.


By using the latest low energy LED technology, we can significantly reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions, helping your organisation minimise maintenance costs and maximise energy savings. With low cost capital and attractive funding solutions available, energy efficient LED lighting represents more than just good business practice

How it works


  • Following a site survey, we will produce a bespoke lighting design for your premises​, providing the most efficient & cost effective solution.


  • Our highly experienced engineers will deliver a fast & professional installation.

  • Health & Safety is a priority during our operations.

  • An on-site manager will work closely with you, providing updates.

O & M

  • The system will be fully commissioned

  • Relevant documents will be provided in a handover pack

  • Dedicated aftercare team will be available.

To book a Free Site Survey, contact us today

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