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Commercial Solar PV 

Contact us today to discuss a project & how we can save on your commercial solar pv requirements.

Benefits of commercial solar

As a business owner, you continually look at ways to save costs and with the ever increasing energy prices going up, solar is an ideal opportunity for this.

However, by installing solar panels, you could be reducing your energy bills upto 65%, generating your own electricity with no storage costs.


With the increasing pressure on businesses to improve their green credentials & energy prices continually rising, solar is an ideal way to help prepare your business for the future.


For example; A 30 kW (115 panels) solar PV system will help your business reduce its CO2 emissions by a massive 16 tonnes per annum. This can even promote your business through marketing.


Why You Should Have Solar Panels At Your Business?

  • Returns of at least 14% plus net are hard to beat.

  • The system will produce solar power silently and so will cause minimal disruption.

  • Very little maintenance required.

  • After the initial installation costs, there are no further fuel costs.

  • Significantly reduce your monthly climate change levy charges. 

  • Promote carbon-free energy to employee and customers. 






Solar panels are a cheap and reliable source of power and do not require a sunny day to generate power. A solar panel works at its best when exposed to direct light at right angles, to the surface of the panel. It is not uncommon to see solar panels producing close to their maximum on a bright sunny day. On a cloudy day, it may produce 10 percent or less of its rated power. Direct sunlight is important to maximizing the solar panels potential, and is the reason shading can have such a negative impact.

Businesses are now starting to transition their vehicles over to electric. These could be powered by generating your own electricity.


Call one of our team to discuss how your business could financially benefit from solar. 


  • Following a site survey, we will produce a bespoke solar pv design for your premises​, providing the most efficient & cost effective solution.


  • Our highly experienced engineers will deliver a fast & professional installation.

  • Health & Safety is a priority during our operations.

  • An on-site manager will work closely with you, providing updates.

O & M

  • The system will be fully commissioned

  • Relevant documents will be provided in a handover pack

  • Dedicated aftercare team will be available.

To discuss a project, contact us today

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