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Til Death Do Us Part

Keeping it Clean

October 10, 2017

Many of us make this vow when we find that person we trust, rely on and are happy to spend the rest of our days with, through thick and thin. How does this relate to renewable energy you're thinking? Well, it doesn't.... exactly.

However, when someone is contemplating renewable energy, it must be carefully considered. Is this right for me? Yes, you are making a commitment but ask yourself what that commitment actually involves.

Investing in a source of renewable energy promises to be there through thick and thin and will continually support you (financially) for richer and for, well, even richer. 20 years sounds a long time, and it is, but you're committing to something that is equally committed to you and potentially there on after as an investment to your future, contributing to that early retirement or a fund for your children's or grandchildren's future. A new car certainly won't do this so before you think about your next 'investment', consider whether you want a life partner in renewables who will gradually help build for your future or the fling that is a shiny new car,which will rinse your bank account for the next 4 years.

Joshua Hough (Bsc hons) CPSL Group

Author's note

Please note, the views written are my own and do not replicate CPSL Group's

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