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Reasons why industrial units are perfect for Solar

Business owners are continually looking at ways to save costs and with the ever increasing energy prices going up, solar is an ideal opportunity for this.

In an ideal world, it would be great if we could predict outgoing costs over the next 20 years for our business so we can plan ahead. Unfortunately for most aspects, this isn't feasible.

However, with solar, you could be locked into a fixed contract for 20 years, reducing you energy bills upto 65%, generating your own electricity with no storage costs whilst receiving subsidies from the Government for any excess electricity you export to the grid.

Businesses are now starting to transition their vehicles over to electric. These could be powered by generating your own electricity.

With the increasing pressure on businesses to improve their green credentials, solar is an ideal way to do so. A 30 kW (115 panels) solar PV system will help your business reduce its CO2 emissions by a massive 16 tonnes per annum. This can even add additional value to your business through marketing.

Adding solar to your business premises can add value to it. If selling your premises, suitors may value having the solar included, with the incentive of reduced energy bills or as mentioned earlier, for their fleet vehicles.

Although the average payback is 6-8 years, in some cases, the payback can be as little as 2 years, certainly on larger scale buildings.

Solar is a cheap and reliable source of power and does not require a sunny day to generate power. Yes, solar is more efficient when the sun is beaming but even if it is cloudy, the panels will still generate power.

Call one of our team to discuss how your business could financially benefit from solar! Call 01704 841 848 or email

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