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Considering a Turbine? Why our Turbines are the only choice!

When investing into a turbine, its important you choose the right one. CPSL Group supply, install & service C&F turbines ranging from 15kW-250kW. The reason for this, is because we honestly believe they are the best turbines on the market.

Turbines are ideal for people who have large areas of land. Customers can obtain substantial savings on annual energy costs, particularly those who run dairy farms and piggeries, poultry producers, mushroom growers etc. “They can make massive savings on their electricity costs every year and there is definitely a big payback despite the initial cost of installation.” Regarding the cost of the installation, CPSL Group can arrange finance to help offset this.

CPSL Group offer a complete, one-stop shop service from start to finish. “We supply, install & service the turbines. The turbines can be monitored using GSM monitoring software and the controller is linked to a 24/7 control room remotely.

Our turbines also come with an Elpower Inverter. The Elpower inverter, rated at 30kW, enables your turbine to run at full speed more consistently than previous inverter arrangements.

Existing inverter arrangements can result in some lost production when the turbine is sitting close to maximum speed and gusts push the output above inverter settings. However, the Elpower inverter will reduce this, making your turbine even more efficient.

Additionally, the Elpower inverter will provide improved remote monitoring which will greatly reduce the requirement for on-site visits.

In C&F’s opinion, the ELpower inverter is the best wind inverter on the market for their machines. It has been in the 50,60, 75 and 100KW machines for the last 4 years and there has not being a single inverter failure. We are 100% sure you will be satisfied with this inverter.

However, don't just take my word for C&F turbines. Farmers who have had C&F wind

turbines installed on their farms have been very impressed by the results. For example, dairy farmer Willie Donohue reports the following positive experience:

“Our 150 P.B.R. Holstein herd produces liquid milk all year round for Aurivo Co-op. Our energy demands are high, particularly given that we require a hot wash of the dairy unit every morning and evening. I had always thought that we had a suitable site for a wind turbine and having looked at the various makes and models, I decided that C&F produced the best machine on the market.

“Since installing our CF20 wind turbine, my energy costs have been massively reduced. The wind turbine heats the hot water tank through an immersion to 100°c every day, even in very low winds. Our electricity bills have been greatly cut too. During the windier months we’ve found that our electricity bills were reduced by over 70%. With results like this, any dairy farmer with an open site has to consider a C&F Green Energy wind turbine.”

Fellow dairy farmer Kevin Callanan is in complete agreement: “We have 125 milking cows, and out energy usage is very high. Since installing our CF20 wind turbine in 2012, our electricity bills have reduced by 85%. We are extremely satisfied with our investment.”

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