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Hydrogen storage delivers cost effective large scale storage of renewable energy production. Energy can be stored as hydrogen and converted back to electricity when required using a fuel cell.. Hydrogen storage removes the requirement for large battery storage banks. Deriving hydrogen from rain water optimises surplus renewable energy usage as it can be used to fuel vehicles. Ultra low emissions allow hydrogen fuelled vehicles to avoid congestion charges and minimise road tax. Hydrogen storage systems combined with an efficient renewable energy generation process will deliver payback in a viable period. We are currently operating via our EnergyManagement division, an extended commercial trial site to verify the exact data and processes for hydrogen storage and vehicle fuelling.



Key Specification

  • Cost effective large scale storage of renewable energy production – energy can be stored as H2 and converted back to electricity when required using a fuel cell. Avoids the requirement for large battery banks

  • Plug N Play – plug in to renewable source on site arrival

  • Traditional filling method – like a diesel/petrol car

  • Small footprint 20ft x 8ft one car parking space

  • Non permanent structure, thus avoiding planning conditions for siting

  • Transportable – can be lifted from site and relocated


Key Benefits

  • Cost effective large scale storage of produced energy – tanks have unlimited storage life unlike batteries

  • Hydrogen extraction utilising surplus renewable energy production – monitors site production and diverts surpluses to electrolyser forH2 production rather than exporting to the grid

  • Run vehicles on rainwater – once compressed we can run up to 100% on hydrogen extracted from rainwater

  • Carbon free – ultra low emissions

  • Self contained – All within one containerised system

  • Storage can be outdoors and uses relatively small space relative to batteries for the same energy levels

  • Can be used to drive vehicles as well as heating and energy uses



















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