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Export Control & Grid Connection

Interested in renewable energy but have been rejected by your local DNO ?


CPSL Group are now sole UK distributors of the EMMA device. Partnered with our wide variety of renewable energy solutions, we can now overcome your export limitations & Grid Connection issues.

The Problem
Many areas in the UK are isolated, and require extortionate upgrade costs to connect to the National Grid. This stops many people being able to invest in renewable energy or maximise the potential of their current renewable system’s efficiency & financial benefits.

What is EMMA?
Released in 2010, EMMA with EC has consistently overcome limitations imposed because of network capacity and has controlled electricity exports to DNO limitations. The EMMA with EC allows the export current of 16amps under G83, while the rest is sent to heating loads and other uses onsite. EMMA with EC helps avoid expensive network upgrade costs and aids in the prevention of costly inverter outages. This system is often accepted as the primary heating source on farms and rural installs and has been deployed on over 1000 sites in the UK, Ireland & France. EMMA also offers remote monitoring so you can monitor where your energy is being distributed at all times.

How does EMMA benefit me?
By controlling the electricity export to comply with the DNO limitations, your renewable energy system will not cut out. This will ensure you are receiving optimum efficiency from your renewable source, ensuring you fulfil your FiT payments, whilst utilising the excess energy to other required on-site purposes.

I want to enquire about EMMA?

If you would like further information on the EMMA produce, please contact one of our friendly team who will be more than happy to assist.

Please email for all EMMA enquiries.

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