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District Heating

District Heating Systems are growing more popular in the UK as an alternative to multiple boilers for large sites.

District Heating is when more than one building is provided with heat and hot water from the same Biomass Boiler.  This could be incorporated into a large site with multiple buildings or can be utilized within a residential community.

The Benefits

The main benefit of a District Heating System is that numerous buildings are being supplied by one boiler, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the cost of heat and hot water.

The fact only one boiler is supporting multiple buildings, reduces the cost service and maintenance. This, makes financial sense for a site owner of for example, a holiday park, as the service of one centralised boiler will be cheaper than that having multiple boilers. 

Who Can Benefit?

A District Heating system is classified as a commercial status and therefore eligible for the Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive .

The following list would be suitable for Commercial RHI:

  • Any commercial premises that is heated by biomass technology.

  • Any commercial premises that is heating more than one building by biomass technology.

  • Any commercial premises that is heated by biomass technology as well as heating a domestic property.

  • Any domestic premises where one or more domestic properties is heated by a biomass technology provided that the buildings are on separate council tax rates.

Saving on Costs

Along with receiving RHI payments for a fixed 20 year period, you will also dramatically reduce the cost of your current energy bills and fuel costs. Biomass fuel is normally cheaper than that of fossil fuels, so if your site is currently using the likes of Gas, LPG etc, then this will also result in additional savings.

Speak with one of our friendly experts to see how you could benefit from a District Heating System.

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