Small Mixed Farm

CPSL - 30th March 2016

CPSL Group were invited to evaluate the energy usage and requirements of a small mixed farm in Cumbria.

As a custodian of the farm for future generations the owner was keen to improve the environmental credentials of the farm, which included energy usage and recycling of otherwise waste products. With a constant attention to detail and cost control this farm demonstrates the essential requirement of all farms to be green and yet cost effective.


CPSL Group conducted a comprehensive energy evaluation audit and produced a detailed renewable energy proposal for the farm.


This resulted in the farm installing 30 kW of solar PV. The solar PV was funded by an innovative REI scheme that provided the panels for free. As well as powering the farm the energy generated from the solar PV is used as free fuel to help run a log burning biomass boiler.


The farm has a ready and free supply of logs. The RHI payments for the farm will continue for 20 years and with a payback of less than 4 years; it will provide an ongoing income stream along with free heat for the farm.


CPSL embrace the use of free and available assets as this is seen as the way to use modern technology. The free installation of the solar panels with the use of the electricity and the use of a redundant supply of wood has enabled the farm to develop and use technology to improve its efficiency and green credentials.