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Shropshire Wind Turbine

25kW Wind Turbine Installation

CPSL Group were asked to install an EO25 Wind Turbine for a dairy farm in Shropshire.

The client wanted to utilise the farm land available & install a 25kW wind turbine to significantly reduce their energy costs & help contribute toward their carbon footprint. 

The wind turbine was registered with the Feed in Tariff (FiT), before the Incentive ended in March 2019.

The wind turbine will generate around 94,000kWh per annum for the Dairy Farmer & is projected to provide a pay back time of 8 years, without the FiT incorporated into the returns.

As the site had export restriction, any excess generation was controlled & harnessed using the EMMA Export Control Device

The excess energy was diverted via the EMMA Device & utilised to produce hot water for the farm.

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