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Horse Stud Farm

CPSL - 30th March 2016

A leading stud farm in the UK, were keen to enhance its Green credentials as well as improve its cost effectiveness whilst driving down costs.

Being green and being seen to be green is important to the stud along with the deeply held belief in providing the best possible environment for the horses.


The ’Green‘ and natural credentials of the stud are central to its ethos and the installation and development of renewable energy was simply a natural progression for them. This deeply held belief in renewable energy and the desire to reduce overheads whilst maximise their green credentials led to the conversations with CPSL Group.


Following a full CPSL energy evaluation audit we recommended the installation of a 50 kW wind turbine and 25 kW’s of solar panels as the optimum renewable energy generation system to support the stud.


A fundamental element of the new installation was obtaining a viable Grid connection for the stud. CPSL were instrumental in obtaining the perfect connection and maximising its efficiency through our specialist energy connection techniques.


Many of the staff such as stable hands, jockeys and grooms live on site and as such the energy usage of the site was above average and added considerably to the running costs of the stud. In addition, the power supply to the local community had previously been weak and subject to frequent power outages. The installation of renewable energy and its concomitant Grid connection helped stabilise power supplies in the local area and so help the local community benefit from the excess energy being put back into the local Grid.


Eventually the stud aims to become completely energy self-sufficient with the addition of energy storage and possibly a Hydrogen fuel system to provide vehicle fuel. This will reduce energy demand of the stud and reduce the need to bring diesel fuel onto the site and so reduce the carbon footprint of the farm and the local area.

The reduction of fossil based fuel demand on the stud and the use of renewable energy has been seen by customers of the stud as an ongoing commitment to the quality of care for their horses.

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