Goatacre Manor Care Home - Solar Panel Installation 






Care Home Solar PV Installation

Case Study:

45.92kw Solar PV

2 x Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Installed by CPSL Group 2018



Company Profile:

Goatacre Manor Care Centre is a family owned, nursing & residential care home, set in the countryside of North Wiltshire. The care centre has been run by the O’Dea family for 30 years & aims to provide the best person-centred care to all their residents & families, offering single occupancy as well as offering a suite and companion rooms for couples.

Although the care centre is already a well-established & highly reputable care home, there is a clear determination within the company to continue to improve on what has already been built.

Sir John O’Dea & Stephen Oswald of Goatacre Manor Care Home assessed their current business energy costs & discussed with CPSL Group how they could be drastically reduced, investing in the long term future of the care home & protecting the business from the continual rise of energy costs.  

After careful analysis, CPSL Group found that installing 45.92kW of solar panels would drastically save on their electricity bills per annum.

With the investment of solar panels, Goatacre Manor Care home is predicted to generate over £80,000 profit during a 20 year period from the energy savings made, including additional revenue from the Government backed Feed in Tariff (FiT), whilst generating its own free electricity.



The Benefits:


Along with the obvious financial savings the company will be profiting from over the next 20 years, there are also the positive environmental factors that Goatacre Care Home wil be contributing toward. Below demonstrates a breakdown of how the business will be contributing to reducing their carbon emissions.


The sum of greenhouse gas saved by the solar panels is of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent. This is equivalent to:



  •           34 Acres of Forests in one year



  •            70,836 miles drive by a passenger vehicle



  •            3.1 homes’ energy use for one year



  •           Saving the company over £3,500 on electricity per year




The Install

The install consisted of fitting 164 x 280w solar panels. The solar panels will generate electricity during daylight hours and contribute to the electrical demands of the site. Any generation above site demand will be used to provide heat to the care home’s hydrotherapy swimming pool.


The recommended installation results in savings on the sites energy costs whilst reducing the existing costs of heating the pool.


Optimisers were installed to ensure the solar panels worked with optimum efficiency, enabling the panels to generate maximum power possible along with Electrical Vehicle Charging Points, demonstrating Goatacre Care Home’s determination to plan for a green, sustainable future.

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