About our Biomass Boilers

Deciding on which biomass solution is right for you is a major decision, after all, the boiler you choose will be heating your home, offices, workshops and holiday lets for many years to come.

CPSL-Group specialise in biomass boilers and biomass CHP systems into the waste, agricultural, Industrial and commercial sectors.

Providing a full turn-key supply, installation and commissioning solution, the system best suited to your particular application and requirements will be carefully sized and the returns and savings accurately forecast. We are able to offer a wide variety of sized systems, ranging from 24kW to 3MW, enabling us to facilitate all situations. 


Example of a CPSL layout of Commercial Heat and Electricity Generation using waste products as the fuel source

Large Domestic Properties:


Biomass boilers can be an ideal solution for providing cost efficient heating to large houses. A lot of large domestic properties run on gas or oil and can cost a small fortune to heat. A biomass boiler could reduce your energy bills drastically along with reducing your carbon footprint, and with the option of an automated boiler, the maintenance of the boiler would be minimal. The pipework of the biomass boiler would fit into your existing system, making the transition, easier than you imagine. You would also receive 7 years worth of RHI payments from the Government for incorporating a renewable heating system into your home.



Biomass Boilers for Commercial Properties/ Workshops / Farms:


A Biomass Boilers is now an extremely viable investment for a commercial property. Aside from reducing your energy bills in a drastic fashion, reducing your CO2 & improving your Green Credentials, you will also receive a 20 year fixed contract of RHI Payments from the Government, which will add to your company’s revenue.



Commercial CHP (Combined Heat & Power):


CHP refers to a system that can generate both usable heat and power (electricity) in a single process. The CHP will use the heat from the Biomass Boiler as a by-product and turn this into electricity, potentially in excess of 80% efficiency.



Biomass Boilers for Waste Companies:


CPSL Group supply large Grade A-C Biomass Boilers as well as Gasification Systems with the ability burn many other landfill and difficult to dispose of materials (some without WID or SWIP restrictions). We have access to the most innovative systems on the market. The investment in a boiler can produce fantastic returns & should be seriously considered. You will reduce your landfill costs, transport costs & gate fee charges. 


A CPSL-Group biomass system is not limited to heat and hot water distribution. If you have a demand for cooling, air conditioning, refrigeration, we can design a system to utilise the heat produced to meet this requirement via absorption chillers.

A CPSL-Group biomass system used for absorption chilling from heat, gains RHI payment incentives for twenty years to replace your existing costly to run cooling facility.

All Biomass installations are fully RHI/CHP tariff compliant providing guaranteed Government backed, Index Linked revenue streams for twenty years.


With CPSL-Group’s dedicated RHI registration and Environment Agency Licensing department to provide as much assistance with the application process as required, the process will be painless.


With biomass boilers, combustors, incinerators and gasification reactors available in all sizes and configurations, you can be comfortable that choosing a CPSL-Group system will provide a long term revenue stream and cost saving solution for your organisation.


  • Undertake all their own installations-no subcontractors

  • Install all hot water and heat distribution into new or existing systems

  • Install all electrical distribution and grid connection for CHP

  • Install all fuel delivery systems, waking floor, top feeders, auger and conveyor delivery

  • Install all fuel storage solutions

  • Advise on best fuel providers and vehicle offloading

  • Provide all return and cost saving calculations to enable accurate project assessment

  • Are fully insured, registered and certificated

  • Full Service and After Sale Care for Life of RHI and beyond.

  • Provide Competitive access to Investor and Finance options

  • Guarantee a peace of mind turn-key renewable solution.