Biomass Boiler 1MW - Pig Farm, Derbyshire

A Derbyshire based Pig Farmer approached CPSL Group for a solution to help reduce the farms high energy costs, generate additional revenue & provide a more comfortable environment for their livestock. 

CPSL Group analysed the client's on-site requirements and decided a Biomass Boiler would be by far the best system for heating the 4 large pig sheds & other on-site demands.

Pigs should be maintained within their thermo-neutral zones at their comfort level.


The Biomass Boiler provides a consistent, dry & comfortable heat for the pigs which can be altered to suit the stage of development. 


Due to the warm environment, the pigs will not require as much feed, saving additional costs for the Farmer. 

The 1MW Biomass Boiler uses woodchip fuel, effectively reducing the farmers fuel costs.

This particular Biomass Boiler uses a walking floor to provide an automated feeding system. This reduces the management time required to feed the biomass.

The heat enters the pig sheds as hot water via pre insulated underground pipe. Once in the sheds it is distributed internally to a number of air handling units, transferring the hot water to hot blown air, providing the required temperature for each shed.

The Farmer now meets the sites heating requirements & the livestock are now provided with a comfortable living environment. The table below demonstrates recommended guidelines of the environmental temperatures for different ages of pigs 

Fig 1. taken from

The Farmer has now drastically saved on his energy bills, reducing carbon emissions & receiving additional revenue from the Government backed RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). If you have a farm containing livestock such as pigs, poultry or a dairy farm, speak with one of our team today to see how you could save drastically on your current energy costs & generate additional revenue. 

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